Membership in The Rotary Club of Baltimore

The Rotary Club of Baltimore was chartered in 1912 and remains one of the longest-standing chapters of Rotary International. Each year, Baltimore Rotary:

  • Raises and donates more than $100,000 annually to local organizations that improve the lives of Baltimore residents;
  • Sponsors youth programs, summer camps, scholarships, and other initiatives;
  • Provides professional expertise to Baltimore non-profits to help them grow, thrive, spread their message and achieve their goals;
  • Provides financial support for selected International causes.

Rotary Club of Baltimore sponsors many local events as well as running the annual Oyster Roast


Why Join Rotary?

You’ll make valuable connections with community leaders who care about the issues facing your community. And you’ll have the chance to apply your personal experience and professional skills to solve these challenges and create positive change. Rotary offers opportunities for all ages, from service clubs for youth and young adults (Interact and Rotaract) to exchanges that give young and old alike the chance to explore new cultures.

The Rotary Club of Baltimore is currently holding virtual meetings every Tuesday at 12:30 PM.  If you are interested in joining a meeting or becoming a Rotarian, please contact us.

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