LeAnn Blanchard



My Story

LeeAnn moved to Baltimore in 2021.  Her private equity firm invests in single family residences, and she’s excited to be part of the urban renewal happening all over the city.  LeeAnn joined Rotary because she wanted to get plugged into her new community.  As an experienced volunteer, she wanted to rebuild her network of service opportunities and get to know the challenges and solutions in her new area.  Her preferred projects tend to serve foster youth, at-risk teenagers, prison re-entry, and entrepreneurism.  LeeAnn is an enthusiastic and talented leader, and her ideas and contributions are valued at Baltimore Rotary.  

LeeAnn is also a member of the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce and the Charm City Social Club.  She adores planning activities for both groups, so please connect with her on social media to find out what she’s up to next.  She also writes a blog at 50VegetableChallenge.com.  She has one adopted son, and plans to get relicensed for foster care and adoption here in Maryland.  LeeAnn believes there are no strangers, only friends she hasn’t met yet, so please reach out and get to know her!

Rotary’s monthly meetings are the perfect way to get acquainted with good people doing great work.  I’ve already made connections with people and projects I am passionate about, and every meeting gives me an opportunity to become an ambassador for new organizations as I learn about their programs.  One of the great pleasures in life is helping people find their purpose, and Rotary was built around that very idea.