Review of Meeting- Tuesday August 18, 2020

Another interesting Zoom meeting with 22 participants led by Kelly Stickney. Bob Delisle led us singing our national anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag, followed by Jake Slagle with the invocation. Kelly discussed service opportunities and Bob Delisle , chair of the communities service committee, asked members to submit grant requests as soon as possible. Delores Edwards , our area district governor, reminded us of the leadership training seminar on August 22nd and our joint effort of districts 33 and 34 in food related projects with the theme “stepping up to hunger”. Andrew Hahn announced that he is now with Seventy2 Capital Wealth Management. This was followed by the presentation of a Paul Harris Fellow award to Joan Smith in which Sandy Short, Bob Delisle and Theron Russell participated. We watched Neale Smith carefully affix the pin to Joan’s dress. Debra Burgess introduced our three members who will give classification talks starting with Aniban Basu. Aniban is an Economist and founded his own company in 2004 called Sage Policy Group, Inc. . The company has a staff of 11 and clients in 40 states . He is an economic policy advisor, analyzing projects and communicating matters of economic significance. His Dad also was a Rotarian. Second to speak was Catalina Keilhauer. Catalina spent her last year at IND. She was a French and Spanish teacher at various independent schools and director of enrollment at The Institute of Notre Dame. She also is a Board member of the US Foundation for the University of the Valley in Guatemala involved in fundraising.  Next to speak was Nancy Escobedo. Nancy is from Peru and the first female member of the Amazon Club. She was also active in Rotoract and is raising an eleven year old Son. Her background is in accounting and as manager of a restaurant business. These new an interesting members certainly add to the diversity of our club.

-Submitted by Karl Silex