Review of Meeting   August 11, 2020

Twenty one participants heard Sandy Short sing our national anthem and Jake Slagle give the invocation. In the absence of our president Jack Huskin , Kelly Stickney conducted the meeting. The results of last weeks survey as to how we might pay happy dollars , indicated only half of the participants  use an electronic payment method like PayPal. Seems that some are happy not to pay. Karen Blake talked briefly about the importance of the Rotary International Foundation (RIF) Annual Fund , now 100 years old (the fund that is). Donating to this fund is not only important in that 50% comes back to our District in 3 years but it allows the Foundation to accomplish its various missions and our club can have a local impact as well. Becca Valdes announced that City Seeds has volunteer opportunities distributing food. They also continue working with Johns Hopkins Hospital. Delores Edwards, our district Representative announced that Leadership Training will be on August 22 (virtual). She also proudly announced that Rotary International will have its first woman president in its 150 year history. Mark Dent introduced guest Richard Wiklund, a potential new member. The formal part of todays program was Kelly Stickney giving a presentation of Chair Yoga. Kelly is a certified yoga instructor and therapist. She led us through various exercises that involved the interaction of breathing, mindfulness, stretching and new patterns of movement. An interesting presentation that we took sitting down.

-Submitted by Karl Silex