Sustainible Empowerment Network, Inc

The Rotary Club of Baltimore has been supporting a small nonprofit group called Sustainable Empowerment Network, Inc, or SENI over the past 4 years and their various projects for rural communities in the southwest region of the Dominican Republic. The most recent project involves community education, construction, and maintenance of a water system for a village and surrounding communities encompassing 170 families. The water system will provide clean water access to or near the homes of these farmworkers who otherwise travel many miles on foot to a source of water which is contaminated by vehicles, runoff, and livestock. Many of these residents suffer from intestinal worms, bacterial infections, and ultimately malnutrition and other severe health concerns. Tuesday’s presentation offers a glimpse of the project which is about to begin thanks to Rotary Global Grant #2015956. Kelly and John Stickney, daughter-father Global Grant duo, are reaching the pinnacle of their work together as the process continues the arduous journey towards success.