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For Kelly, many of her life’s questions have been answered by the action of service. Family, friends, interests, and her career, through many twists and turns, have followed the thread of service towards others. Kelly grew up in Chapin, South Carolina, where she did not realize the impact her parents’ involvement in civic clubs, school organizations, and community groups would have on her much later in life. After college, she took a 10-year career with the Boy Scouts of America at a high adventure camp in Islamorada, FL and St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, teaching scouts how to sail and live minimally aboard her 41′ sailboat. After giving up life aboard, she survived the 2017 hurricanes with her fellow islanders where she joined Rotary for the first time and discovered the ways RI can support a cause. In the meantime, she joined efforts with her lifelong friend to create a nonprofit organization, Sustainable Empowerment Network, Inc. (SENI) which helps communities create infrastructure and generate the passion to empower themselves through healthcare and education. Currently SENI is partnering with multiple Rotary Clubs from around the world, including her home club in Baltimore, MD, to build a water and sanitation system for a network of villages in the Dominican Republic. Since moving to Baltimore in 2018, Kelly has joined the Rotary Club of Baltimore where she presides for the 2021-22 year. She earned her master’s degree in yoga therapy from Maryland University of Integrative Health in 2020, and perseveres in her efforts to serve others alongside her friends and colleagues to make a difference and make it fun….

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